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Scope of activities

We provide knowledge and consultancy relating to operations, techniques and financing of transport forwarding (transport, freight forwarding, logistics) required to fill the gap between the resources held by entities, institutions and organizations operating in the market as well as the needs arising from these economic relationships.

We combine experience and practical know-how of the latest market trends within the scope of managing investment projects and creating integrated transport systems linking loading sequences for regional and global groups of goods - we are ready to actively participate in projects at all stages of their implementation, from their initial concept, through their design and implementation phase until their time of implementation.

Our services are supported by the results of current market research and opinion polls carried out using methods and expertise developed by professionals within the transport forwarding sector in Poland and abroad for the purposes of validating the results of practical applications within the scope of our projects.

We organize practical training in business and management, as well as efficient use of transport forwarding on local, regional and global levels; we specialize in services and techniques for integrated transport chains serving the port and maritime industries as well as their associated transport hinterlands.

At every stage of problem-solving in the field of information technology, we simplify and speed up the planning, organization and management of individual organizations, particularly by using methods of electronic data interchange (EDI), eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same data, minimising mistakes and human errors.